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Codebooq d.o.o. pays special attention to and respects their website (further noted as Website) visitors and users’ private lives. This statement on privacy protection determines ways of collecting and operating the Website visitors’ data and the use of cookies. All the information sent by a visitor or automatically registered is used solely in accordance with this statement and law on the implementation of the General regulation on data protection.

The Website search is anonymous which means that in no way your data are being collected that could reveal your personal identification, such as your first name, surname, or email address (further noted as personal data). You will be warned when your personal data is needed to enable the communication and to solve your inquiry and offer you a service requested. By filling in the fields on the Website (contact form) you confirm that you have given a consent to use your personal data. The personal data you have entered (your first name, surname, email address) in the contact form will be used solely when communicating to you directly and answering your inquiry. Codebooq d. o. o. will not use your data in commercial purposes without your prior consent. With the scope of data collecting, along with the statistics of website traffic, the information on the type of browser, time of access, your IP address, the domain, and address from which you accessed the Website, is automatically collected. This and other similar data are usually collected with the purpose of marking the statistics of website traffic. Codebooq d. o. o. can use the data collected with the purpose of providing you a more efficient service, facilitating the use of the Website and remove the requirement of filling in the same data repeatedly or adjust the Website to your special needs and points of interest.

Codebooq d. o. o. does not sell, rent, or borrow your personal data collected on the Website to third parties and protects your personal data from an unauthorised access. Data on computer servers is stored in a controlled and safe environment. Your personal data recipients are solely authorised personnel who can, due to their function, be familiar with the data. Codebooq d. o. o. will share your personal data only with reliable business partners that Codebooq d. o. o. reaches to process you request. They have a contractual obligation of respecting the confidentiality and signed statement on the confidentiality and data security and protection they get and can be used only when dealing with the task assigned upon them.

Codebooq d.o.o. and its Website use cookies. To search the Website in a more pleasant and efficient way, it is necessary to store a small amount of information, the so called: cookies, on your device, a personal computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Cookies serve for the Website’s optimal usage and functioning to further improve the Website and your browsing experience. Using the Website, you accept the use of cookies. Blocking cookies is possible, and you will still be able to search the Website, but some possibilities will be denied or limited.

A cookie is basically an information stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, that can be delivered directly from a website you visited (first party cookies), or from other websites and from links found on the website you had been browsing (third party cookies). Cookies usually store your settings, settings of a website, such as language preferences or similar settings. Later, when you open the same website, the internet browser sends back the cookies belonging to the website. This enables the website to show the information adjusted to your needs and interests. Cookies can store a wide range of information, including some of the personal data too. This information can be stored only with your consent and if you enable it – websites cannot access your data unless you have allowed them to, and they cannot access files stored on your computer.

The website uses cookies to provide better experience to its users. When you are using the Website, there is also a chance of getting cookies (third party cookies). The report on cookies description is attached in this policy as its integral part. The Website uses cookies in purpose of recording the sites’ traffic statistics to collect the necessary data on how well the Website is doing. In this process the services from a third party, known as Google Analytics, are used. Google Analytics collects the data on geolocation, (a town and a country), a device (a mobile phone or a computer), OS (iOS, MacOS, Windows or Android), on which section of the website is a user currently on, or if a user is visiting a website for the first time or not. The Website uses cookies for advertising of products/services on the Website itself, and on the computer networks and through renowned marketing service on the Google Analytics. The third-party suppliers (Google included) in collaboration with Codebooq d.o.o. display advertisements on website locations on the whole Internet. We would like to inform you that you can disable Google Analytics’s services for advertising on computer networks and adjust the advertising for Google computer networks using the Manager for advertising settings tool ( Further detailed information from third parties on this service together with the options users have in regulating the cookies settings that are required are available on:

If you want you can disable cookies storing on your computer but blocking all the cookies may have a negative impact on using many websites, including this Website too. COOKIES settings can be controlled, monitored, and configured in your internet browser. In case you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer, it is necessary to update your browser’s settings (you can find information on ways of deleting and disabling cookies in your browser settings under help).

On your request, you will be informed about the personal data we are processing, as well as the source of that data. You will be given an insight into a record on the processing activities, into your personal data comprised in the record and the transcription of the data. You will be delivered an excerpt, a confirmation, or a print of the record of the data concerning you personally and the legal basis for collecting, processing, and operating with the data. You will be delivered a print with the information about who, in what purposes and under what terms of legal basis, got the right to use your personal data and will give you a note about the logic of any automatic use of your personal data. Upon your request, we will supplement, alter, or delete your personal data if the prove incomplete, inaccurate, or not updated, and if their processing is not in accordance with the law on legal provisions.

The Website can contain links to third party websites. Codebooq d.o.o does not control those websites, and therefore cannot take the responsibility for the ways in which they operate with and handle the data confidentiality or for their content for that matter. We advise you to read the Policy for the data protection and privacy concerns on those websites before using them and especially before filling in the form with your personal data (contact form). Codebooq d.o.o will at any time consent the access, deletion, correction of your personal data upon a written request sent via email on:

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