Privacy Policy

Policy summary

In Codebooq d.o.o., an individual’s privacy will always be respected in accordance with the law, the EU General Regulation on data protection and the organizational principles of privacy determined by this policy. The personal data we have in possession from our examinees-employees, clients, external contractors, and business partners, cannot be shared or disclosed to the third parties (a legal entity or natural person) without their prior consent. The examinees and the Data Protection Agency (Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka – AZOP) will be notified of any possible errors in personal data protection, and Codebooq d.o.o. will take all available measures to reduce the negative impact on the examinees. 


In Codebooq d.o.o. all the data collected, processed, stored, or transferred, regarding individuals (examinees), must be protected in a proper way from unauthorised access or malicious alterations. When collecting, storing, processing, or transferring information regarding an individual, at every moment we adhere to their wishes and the right for privacy. All employees that are in contact in any way with the personal data of examinees, are familiar with the terms of personal data protection, and are required to sign the Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement, undertaking the responsibility in case of examinees’ personal data breach. 

Privacy protection goals

Codebooq d.o.o. will: 

  1. Use methods that will enable the understanding of privacy risks for examinees in data.
  2. Undertake all measures in personal data protection of examinees in terms of data protection and control.
  3. Preserve the integrity of examinees’ personal data.
  4. Apply the confirmed terms of privacy in continuity.
  5. Make sure that data controllers and supervisors adhere to the Code of conduct.
  6. Make sure that the privacy will not negatively affect the providing of a service to a client-user.

Terms of privacy

  1. An Assessment will be conducted on the effect on the privacy for all systems and processes dealing in collecting, handling, and storing of personal data.
  2. Employees will be aware of and in charge for adhering to privacy requests imposed upon them.
  3. Financial funding for appropriate privacy monitoring activities in operational and project management processes will be provided.
  4. Statements on the status of data protection will be at disposal to everyone at Codebooq d.o.o.
  5. Actions that may lead the organization to violate laws and regulations will not be tolerated.


All supervisors have to ensure that employees working with them protect the information in accordance with the organization’s standards.
Every supervisor and employee are responsible for the privacy aspect of their work.


All single policies in reliance to the terms of privacy and notions are at the core of this policy. 
This policy with its provisions, on the day of publication, become the obligation of every employee at Codebooq d.o.o. Each non-compliance or the circumvention of the policy will be considered as a breach of duty and misconduct.

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