DevOps Engineering

Optimize your engineering output.

Supporting your software code in dedicated, multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environments. Setup your pipeline for automated, frequent code deployments and testing regimes.

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Engineering talent and resources are scarce. Don't let poor productivity due to misuse of tools or lack of team synchronization stop you in your tracks.

Automating and streamlining the process.

DevOps is all about automating and streamlining the process of taking an idea from development and turning it into a reality. By automating routine tasks, setting up standardized environments and monitoring performance, Codebooq DevOps engineers are here to help you keep the process moving smoothly and efficiently.

How do we help you?
integration & delivery
One of the main reasons to implement DevOps is to improve the delivery pipeline and integration process by automating these activities. As a result, the product gets a shorter time-to-market.
Infrastructure Automation and Management
We will choose the database infrastructures and decide how many servers and what server performance is required to run the applications. Infrastructure will be designed for scalability and future changes.
Containerization and orchestration
With Docker and Kubernetes, we will quickly pack your applications into isolated pieces that can successfully run on all platforms, both on-prem and in the cloud, taking all its dependencies on with them.
Monitoring and alerting
A key practice for detecting issues with your system and introducing optimizations to your process. We will help you address your concerns regarding development efficiency and system complexity in regard to deployment frequency, deployment failures, pull requests cycles time, change failure rates and others.
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