Showcasing Innovation: Our Project Portfolio

From eCommerce solutions and cutting-edge IoT innovations to robust logistics systems and Industry 4.0 advancements – our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to innovation.

Discover how we bring technology to life, and drive growth and efficiency for our clients.

Green IOT solution Klara Smart Wall

Revolutionizing Plant Care with IoT

Klara Smart Wall: IoT for a Greener World

Discover how we combined IoT technology with green solutions to transform plant care. Using advanced sensors and cloud services, this project offers users remote control and monitoring of their plants. Through user-friendly mobile and web interfaces, users can ensure optimal growth conditions.

This case study highlights our expertise in IoT, cloud and mobile development and demonstrates our dedication to creating sustainable, user-friendly solutions. Join us in exploring how technology makes caring for plants easier and more efficient.

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Transforming railway networks

Railway Operations with Digital Twin

We worked on a digital twin solution that provides real-time insights into the performance of your network. Our team was involved in the Industry 4.0 initiatives, Azure cloud computing, frontend development, and backend infrastructure for the implementation.
We worked closely with the client’s team to ensure seamless integration of their solution with existing systems, while also developing new features and functionality to enhance its performance and usability.
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The Future of Finance

Banking’s Digital Transformation

We collaborated with a top bank to improve how customers engage with the stock market on their mobile app. By letting people invest in stocks directly from their devices, we made it easier and more user-friendly for them to manage their money.

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